Tom Fuller's Fine Art Gallery

Tom Fuller's Fine Art Gallery
Equine and western art, oils

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Thomas Fuller


Western Artist



The Origin of my art


     For Thomas Fuller, passion is the driving force behind every single masterpiece. Tom's work is what, and who he is. The only way to say it is; "a gift from God." Tom is a natural born Western/Equine artist.  With the correct mixture of passion, hard work, focus, and talent, he continually finds himself crossing the threshold between cowboy, and artist. The overlay of space between these two worlds is what leads Fuller to create some of the most realistic and culturally relevant pieces of Western Art available today. 


           Tom is dedicated to his calling, evidenced by the tremendous number of hours he spends on a painting inspired by Gods inspiration, family, friends and owners. His work is focused, detailed and not produced in volume. Tom does not "push Paint" around a canvas. His works depict the definitive nature of each cowboy, cowgirl, horse, and landscape of the West. 


            Tom is a native of Wichita, Kansas. His paint brushes are untouched by the hands of artistic teachings, and not influenced or subscribed to any painting method, or style He did not attend art school, and is without any formal or professional training. His techniques evolve from a lifetime of drawing, and painting, and are completely his own.


      Fullers intentions are to preserve, and promote the West in its greatest traditions, and to bring a feeling of home. Tom says, "That's the Cowboy in me."



I don't buy art, because of a name.

                                               Zane Kiehne

Toms art has the ability to drive the viewer into his artwork, and capture their senses. 

Weather your eyes are looking at the hair on the horses head in "Waitin",

 or you are hearing the rumbling of the horses hooves across the land in "Beechfork Ranch, Learning to Lead", 

or you can smell the dust from the rodeo arena in the painting "The Dance". 

His artistic ability truly captures the sole of the viewer.

                                                                                                      Grace Snidow

"Tom Fuller is arguably the best Western Artist in the country.  To see his work in person will take your breath away. No artist can paint a horse like Mr. Fuller... I'm blown away by his ability to capture not only the heart, and soul of Americana, but also the photographic image of our Western Roots, and Culture."

                                                Cherie Okonski